Which Winter Holiday Do You Celebrate?

Jesus and Christmas

Fur Elise in the tree.

An old high school friend whom I’ve always respected put a brief rant about the folks who write CHRISTmas instead of Christmas on his Facebook status this morning. His update made me think about my own annoyance with the very same thing. Although Brian and I hold very different theological views, I think his annoyance is justified.

Here’s why.

Many of the folks who are insisting that we “put the Christ back in Christmas” are not celebrating Christmas. (In my not-always-so-humble opinion.) I’m not sure exactly what is being celebrated, but I really don’t think it’s Christmas, the name of which means “Christ Mass.” Whether or not we should celebrate a “Christ Mass” is in itself debatable, but I think it’s pretty clear that we are not participating in anything remotely close to a reverent and joyful honoring of Christ’s arrival to save us from our sins and oppression.

I passively resisted a bit this year by not putting up Christmas decorations, but my husband wanted them, so I caved. I’ve also been sucked into the commercialism, although I didn’t go so far as to line up at Wal-Mart Thanksgiving night.

I’ve been having fun celebrating this holiday that is not Christmas. I bought my husband some things that he’s been wanting for a while, and I know Sage will be thrilled with his gifts. I feel joy when I find the perfect thing for my best friend. It’s true that the spirit of giving is often alive and present during this time of year.

I’m having a party, although I’m not calling it a Christmas party. It’s a girl’s crafting night. We’ll eat cookies (not necessarily Christmas ones) and have a good time while the tree sparkles in the background.

I’m not going to feel guilty about putting up a tree or buying a bunch of gifts, although my scale will indicate its displeasure at my holiday over-consumption of baked goods, I’m sure. What I’m trying to figure out, though, is exactly how to celebrate Christmas. Because I want to. And I don’t know how.

However that turns out to be, it will still incorporate joy.

And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Luke 2:10

5 thoughts on “Which Winter Holiday Do You Celebrate?

  1. I’m not decorating this year and REALLY my decorations have little to do with Christmas anyway. The tree is a pagan symbol, my daughter’s snow globes are just wintry and anything with Santa Claus is silly. I wholeheartedly agree with you.

  2. Wow; yet another amazing article! I am reposting this one as well cause this one has nearly brought tears to my eyes. Wholeheartedly agree with you and Margaret. As a new friend of yours that is immensely blessed to be getting to know you you more; here’s an idea how to celebrate Christmas. Each morning when you wake up from tomorrow Dec.17th till Dec. 25th; 9 days,spend one hour straight with Jesus before you do Anything Else, any better way/s to celebrate that Jesus is our Savior, our Best Friend, our Lover/our Husband and so much more! God bless My sweet Awesome Godly Woman Friend Michelle in real tangible ways where She and her family Experience More of Your presence because presents are nice, but they pale in comparison with Your Tangible presence God touching our very lives, our very family, our very friends and our very world…………..

    • I have to admit that I’ve never seen it. Nevertheless, I think of it as the movie that spawned an abundance of frightening art dolls…

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