MORE Good News

joy of the lordI’ve said before that I don’t think the Good News that Jesus talks about has anything to do with accepting a particular story about his life or you go to hell. That seems silly, to be honest, and not a little depressing. I think the REAL Good News that he wanted us to share is at least two-fold, and has little, if anything, to do with what religion often tells us.

First of all, the Good News is that God is LOVE. He loves us incredibly and enormously. Unconditionally. We don’t have to earn it — only see and accept it. And that’s more difficult than it seems. The dream I had about God’s transformative love literally changed my life, and I try to keep its truth in mind every single day. Once you can accept God’s love, its enemy FEAR goes away. Because if God loves you — wait, if GOD THE CREATOR OF THE FREAKIN’ UNIVERSE LOVES YOU — then you have absolutely NOTHING to fear. Nothing. Not even death. Death, in the light of God’s love, is like changing from a raggity outfit you bought at the Goodwill into some Armani duds, I’d think.

The second part of the Good News is that we don’t have to wait for Jesus to come or any other future event to access the Kingdom of God. Nope, as Jesus said, it is HERE. Now.

Think of it as another dimension that sits comfortably around us. To access this dimension, you have to have a certain frequency — the frequency of love. That is a very high frequency. In the worldly dimension that most of us are currently in (the time-based linear frequency), we are operating at a much lower frequency — the frequency of fear. Hence, war, hate and all that other bad stuff.

You can access the Kingdom by deliberately raising your frequency — your vibe. 😀

Let me give you an example.

I woke up this morning feeling absolutely joyful. Note that I have some good reasons to feel the opposite way right now. A good friend is angry with me and much worse, my mother came over to my house crying because she is fairly convinced that my older son Sky has “passed to the other side.” She had a dream in which he came up to her and spoke to her, woke up crying and has been crying on and off ever since. You know that I think dreams can reveal truths, and this dream was SO real to her. When I called the sweet lady he stays with to check on him, she told me that he took off over a week ago without saying goodbye or letting anyone know where he was going. Disconcerting.

As soon as I heard this news, lower-dimensional thoughts began to come. Vivid images of myself cutting my wrists, shooting myself in the head came to mind. Regretful thoughts about my parenting entered. For a moment, I thought about simply walking out the door, sticking out my thumb and going somewhere — anywhere but here, as if I could escape grief.

Then I remembered that I didn’t have to subject myself to these thoughts and the feelings that accompany them. I reminded myself that my son was very happy and well in my mom’s dream. I reminded myself that God loves my son more than I ever will. I thought about how my son astral travels on a regular basis and could have simply stopped in to say hello, which is what his friend told me is likely the case. I thought about how God has him in His amazing hands no matter what form his soul is in. Then I focused my thoughts back on my new business, which is where they had been before the drama started. And I ended up having a very good and productive day.

Not giving into fear and despair is stepping into the Kingdom. It feels spectacular.

Here’s a quote from the apostle Paul:

For though we walk in the flesh, we are not waging war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds. We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ…

The war is our thoughts. And just like the Third Amendment says that we don’t have to quarter soldiers in our homes, nor do we have to give space to thoughts that war against the knowledge of Christ’s presence in our lives RIGHT NOW. For me, following Jesus gives me the insight and direction to wage an intelligent war against this crap.

So when I catch myself thinking an ugly thought about the argument my friend and I had, or worrying about Sky, I DESTROY it. It’s my choice, and I have been given the power to do so. And then I get to feel that comfortable heavenly dimension settle around my soul. It’s wonderful.

The joy of the Lord is our strength. 🙂


Your Thoughts Create Reality

hive mind love What I learned in 2013 is that our thoughts affect other people. Not only our actions, but our very thoughts. When Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart,” he wasn’t speaking metaphorically, as I once thought.

It is true. What you think becomes reality. I don’t know how, but it certainly can.

Here’s how I know.

I feel a lot of compassion for folks diagnosed with schizophrenia. I also “get” them. Someone can be talking what sounds like gibberish to another person and it will make sense to me. As a result, I’ve made a couple of friends who suffer from schiz. This was not without problems, however, as I soon learned that building these connections exposed me to some pretty intense stuff.

One of the people was attracted to me and sent me sexual thoughts, which I picked up and thought were my own until he clued me in. To say I had a freak-out moment would be an understatement. At least it explained why I had been feeling like a randy 18-year-old guy. I discontinued that relationship, because it felt inappropriate. The feelings went away.

With the other guy, I began to pick up on demonic craziness. I honestly felt as though I was losing my mind. It was horrible. I cut off contact the second I picked up on those feelings and they went away.

As someone who wants to help heal others, this was frustrating, to say the least. How can you be helpful and supportive to another person if all their stuff is literally rubbing off on you? I don’t have the answer to this question.

Some folks apparently have the ability to project their emotions more strongly than others. But I’m thinking that everyone does this to some degree.

If this is true, then we are very responsible for what we think. Not only to ourselves, but to others. If you think bad thoughts about an enemy, you may very well cause them harm in some manner. It’s like negative prayer. Hence, Jesus’s command to love and pray for our enemies is non-negotiable.

Science supports this idea, by the way. Ant colonies and bee hives, for example, have a “hive mind” and demonstrate social behaviors that could only be learned through the cloud. Is it so far fetched that people might have a similar cloud of consciousness connecting them to one another?

If that’s the case, I want my contribution to the cloud to be love. Not fear, not anger, not jealousy. Love.