We Live in a Linear Frequency

Actually, I’m not sure about the statement that my title makes, but I had something interesting happen the other night.

In my dream, a guy was standing on my front porch shouting, “We live in a linear frequency” over and over. I woke up. I had no idea what that meant so I Googled it.

It turns out it’s an esoteric (to me, anyway) physics term. I still don’t know exactly what it means, other than that it has to do with sound, measurement and the math of music.

One of the things that came up when I was researching this term was Chladni figures.

chladni drawings

These are patterns that are made with sand on square metal plates when the plates are exposed to certain frequencies. They were discovered in 1787 by “the father of acoustics” Ernst Chladni. As the frequencies change, so do the patterns. Below is a cool example of how this works.

I have no idea how connected “linear frequency” and Chladni figures are, but I just love the implications of them. It makes this make sense:

In the beginning was the word.

It makes me think that God is a frequency — the frequency of love. And perhaps this is sort of how it worked when He spoke the universe into existence. Pretty cool, huh?

5 thoughts on “We Live in a Linear Frequency

  1. I always thought that my life was linear, but it’s actually not. It’s meandering and often off the grid; people(including me) go off in different directions and the whole journey changes.

  2. Hey Michelle: Nice to hear from you and yes that is very interesting. As I once watched a program on Sid Roth and that our words have a frequency when we speak and as I believe that our words can be powerful or powerless as we choose to use the ones that will make a difference for eternity. Today my new friend Amy and I fasted from not talking for 6 hours and it was very interesting. I love you and I send blessings to you and Gregg, Sage and you and I ask our Heavenly father to keep all of you in good health as your soul prospers in 2014. I love you sister. Danielle

  3. As soon as I read the words “sound, measurement and the math of music” it brought to mind a lecture I’d seen about 15 years ago which included showing how different vibrations produced patterns in sand. And then that’s exactly where you went with it!!! Kinda freaky!! 🙂 It’s so cool. What an amazing dream.

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