Precious Treasure

Written by my wise dad, Joseph Gaut.

Precious Treasure
~ Joseph Gaut

I made a discovery
That has helped my life
It has blessed my soul
And lessened strife

It is one of the treasures
From Christ of the Ages
Awaiting discovery
As we browse sacred pages

It is wisdom profound
Yet simply stated
Packaged concisely
Timeless – undated

It helps us be mindful
Of words we speak
Keeping our vessel
From springing a leak

It acts as a rudder
That steers the ship
Avoiding the shoals
Lest we dare slip

We see no less
Than an awesome thing
As Christ through us
Does creation bring

I speak of the tongue
That can curse or bless
The power of God
Through us, no less

A positive outlook
And words of joy
Bring raindrops of blessing
For us to employ

For saith the prophet
When with us among
“Death and life
Are in the power of the tongue”

Ref: Proverbs 18:21

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