Answers in Front of My Face

raising chickens
I want to be a farmer. Seriously. I’d like to move to a few acres, build a hobbit house and plant pomegranate trees and snow peas, raise chickens and goats, become a regular at the farmer’s market.

I’ve had this desire for a while, although it seems so ridiculous that I don’t usually talk about it. I do, however, own a collection of books on alternative building, herb gardening and the like — the result of years of vicarious living.

My younger son shares this desire. He is always talking about how he wants to grow vegetables, and in fact, uses our meager front yard to grow a variety of shockingly hot peppers.

We would do more, but our backyard is a nicely landscaped brick patio, and is entirely shaded. So to implement this dream even a little bit, we’ve got to do something different. Hence my post on Facebook about how I had my eye out for three or more acres close to town.

I’m serious.

Here’s why I mean it.

Last week, my mind was stuck in a rut. I was engaging in either/or thinking and driving myself bats. I was beating myself up for looking at endless medical research and not trusting in God to help with the S disease. My talented and thoughtful friend Kelvin, however, provided some needed perspective by basically asking me why my mind was not open to God’s answers in all aspects of life — including medical research.

I have a complicated answer to that. I am an educated person who is aware of the genetic basis and many of the environmental triggers for the S disease, but am still convinced there is a spiritual component. I won’t go into it right now.

Nevertheless, Kelvin is right. His response made me think.

Of course I pray for understanding and healing of the S disease. Yesterday, I realized that God has indeed provided some answers and continues to do so.

You see, a couple of years ago, my younger son went on an extended campout with his scout troop. I remember how he came back looking tan and trim, with none of the “Aspie” affect and behaviors that he usually had. There were no dietary changes that I’m aware of, unless you count eating worse foods — like endless hot dogs and pop tarts — as a change.

The positive effect had to have come from being outside almost continuously. Being free from electronics was no doubt a factor, but it wasn’t the only one, as we’ve experimented with this at home, and have found it helpful, but nowhere near a “cure.”

We’ve even went so far as to not use electricity for a week or so, reading by candlelight in the evenings like Abe Lincoln. We thought perhaps electric lights were part of the problem. That experiment didn’t have much of an effect.

No, the outdoors is the deciding factor. I’m sure of it. Nature has a healing effect. God made us to live among the trees and in the fields, not in particleboard boxes.

So I think of my son’s request to move to the country and my own increasing desire to do so as well. And I realize that this desire is likely God’s way of nudging us towards healing. Towards eating a natural, organic, non-GMO diet. Towards getting enough sunshine and vitamin D, in which almost all people with the S disease are deficient. Towards getting more exercise. Towards health.

I do not know how to make this happen right away. I shared this epiphany with my husband, and he asked me to inquire about buying some land across the street. I did, and discovered it had already sold. But if it is supposed to happen, it will. I will keep looking.

I like how the answer to my prayers is likely already embedded in my heart.

9 thoughts on “Answers in Front of My Face

  1. In the mean time…is there a co-op garden or a farm where you can volunteer work/time for produce and what not? Just to be outside to reap from the benefits that seem to make you and Sage happy?

    • I’m not sure. I’ll bet there is. I’m not sure how motivated I would be not having creative control, though. 😉 Perhaps we’ll simply start with building a Koi pond in the back yard — I just need to figure out how to do the electricity…

  2. Great idea!! Monica lived with her dad outside of Austin about 1/2 mile from a small lake. They put puzzles together. She discovered she could paint. She took walks in the undeveloped country. Her delusions took a backseat. Unfortunately, her dad only had a one room camper and Monica likes to pace at night, but for about 30 days she was at peace…the outdoors and fewer people are definitely the way to go…that is self discovery for us all….lynne

    • I’ve had this idea, but it hasn’t really crystallized until now. There are definitely a few obstacles. But I remember living in Mexico with my electricity pretty much limited to one light bulb, not having a car, walking everywhere, eating clean, etc. and the anxiety I had went away. When I moved back here, it returned. I think modern culture is poison for some of us.

  3. Oh, I am not that insightful. Truth to be told, the idea actually came from a joke.

    There was a flood in the village and a man was trapped on top of his roof. He was just there, waiting and waiting.
    And a boat went by. The people on the boat asked him if he would like to get on the boat.
    And he said, “No thanks. I will just wait here for God to save me.”
    So they left. Some time later, another boat came by, the people on the boat urged him to get in and go somewhere safer, but he insisted, “No thanks. I am sure God will come and rescue me.”
    They shook their heads and left.
    Sometime later, a helicopter flied by. The people on the helicopter shouted that he could drop a rope ladder for him to climb up. But he still declined, “No thanks. I am sure God will come for me soon.”
    Eventually he starved to death. And then he met God.
    “I believe in you so much,” said him angrily. “Why didn’t you give me any help?”
    “Well, I did,” said God, “I sent you two boats and a helicopter!”

    It’s a joke, but hey, many times jokes can make you think.

    I remember you writing about all this camping, cutting off electronics and all that. I think you were also able to do the outdoors stuff more often through homeschooling, if I recalled correctly. Whether it has a good effect on your young son with regard to the S thing, more nature is probably good for anyone.

    And it’s great to know that your husband is so supportive. If the move doesn’t put you in a bunch of unnecessary financial stress, then why not, right?

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