God TV: The Chessboard

I’ve been doing this thing lately. I’ll pray, and then I’ll feel relaxed and sit back and watch what I call “God TV.” This entails me watching the back of my eyelids and saying, “Show me, God.” I don’t always see things, but sometimes I do. When I do, it is like a movie is playing in my head and I am watching it. A bit like a waking dream.

The vision:

I was a white pawn on a giant chessboard. There was a savior chess piece that was like the queen who protected me with its superior moves. I just followed its lead, listening to its directions, and I was always protected from the black pieces. But then one of the black pieces got clever and imitated the voice of the white piece exactly. I no longer knew where to move unless I kept my eyes on the white piece at all times because they sounded exactly the same.

Sounds about like the delusion we are all susceptible to.

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